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Client testimonials from our Excel Expert, Access Expert, Word Expert & Outlook Expert services


"I have run a mid-sized non-profit for 5 years. Our resources are limited but our time even more so. I usually dread dealing with IT consultants of any type because it seems my request is put on the bottom of their pile. Bigger contracts are put ahead and weeks and weeks go by with nothing done. At Excel Expert, your job is a priority, they give you a clear and reasonable quote and realistic time frame. Paul responds immediately and does not give up until the outcome is just the way you want it. On top of that he is very pleasant! I have not come across anyone like Paul in the 5 years working at Heron Dance! "

Ann O'Shaughnessy, Heron Dance



"Everything is working beautifully and I am very grateful I found you. I can not thank you enough for your quick response time.  I also can not wait to take a small amount of time and digest your function to learn something.   I appreciate your kindness and decency in saving me money.  No doubt you stay busy with those kind of work ethics.   I hope to be able to use your services again in the near future"

Suzanne Young


"Good job, once again! Thanks for coming in under budget, too."

Donna Auguste, Leave A Little Room



“Our company recently needed some custom Excel work to handle our incoming web orders.  After consulting with Forward Square Software Solutions, Gabriel Hartmann was assigned to our project.  Gabriel was very attentive to our needs and was able to structure a perfect set of files to handle the tasks at hand.  The job was completed “on time” and “on budget”, and we can’t say enough about the professionalism of Mr. Hartmann.  When projects arise in the future, our first contact will be Forward Square Software Solutions.”


W. Dale Parker

Vice President

Claxton, GA  



"Did an excellent job creating an elegant spreadsheet solution to a somewhat complex royalty calculation. He responded quickly to my initial inquiry, had an initial version ready within a couple of hours and a final version done less than 24 hours later. I highly recommend Paul to anyone who needs their spreadsheet problems solved."

Marc Stockman


"Excellent work quickly done. I'm impressed! Something I've wanted done for months, unable to accomplish myself, and all the hordes of people who said it was easy were unable to come up with anything approximating a solution."

Kerry Noel, Securacom GPS




"For only pennies on the dollar, Excel Expert helped me to totally automate a task that used to consume a lot of valuable time... now it's only a couple of clicks and the job is done automatically. Thank you Excel Expert! : )"

Frank Goodman

ABS Global Solutions



I was very pleased with the service I have received from Excel Experts. The team that helped our company create an interactive and affective spreadsheet for our company was very easy to work with. I would recommend this company and team to any organization needing professional advice for business solutions.

Christopher Clarke, Ashley Furniture Homestores



"Solution was prompt, well designed and within my budget. I would recommend."

Bruce Phillips, Three Rivers Lacrosse




"Great Work! The job was completed fast and per specifications. Definitely will use again."

Samir Bhakta, Shabha Enterprises LLC



"Quick response, accurate code... I will keep you in mind for future projects. Thanks for your help."

Danny Pinchasi, LandAmerica Southland Title




"I would recommend Excel Experts to anyone. Their quick service and expertise in excel saved me hours of time inputting data manually. Thanks again."

John Acosta, Tru Tech Systems


"Karl did a fantastic job on this project - well exceeded my expectations!  Thanks"

Joy Peterson, Onsite Woodwork




"Wow!  This is fantastic.  It works great.  I will definitely use your services again in the future.  Thanks again - Selene"

Selene Leal

"Outstanding work, I tested the macro on a previous version of my workbook and it appears to function correctly. I am fairly certain that it will work fine on the workbook this was designed for."

Robert Cruz



"This is amazing...thank you!! I have done three now and can see how the reports are working. It's great, saving me loads of time."

Carmen Campbell, 360



"The new version is great. We put out our first feed today with it. I appreciate the time you took to get the job done right, and how fast you turned it out. In the near future I am positive we will have more projects."

Shawn Silver, Range Online Media



"Thanks for the new version of the file.   I've been trying it out and, it works a treat. No problems so far.   It's exactly how I wanted it. Easy to use and, flexible for both manipulation and expansion of data. It's great fun to use!!"

Meepool Patel



"Thank you so much for all your great work!  I look forward to working more with you in the future."

Barbara Bradford, Meeting Professional Intl




"The program is working great, we did our first mailout and I have recaptured customers that I might otherwise have lost, so thanks again."

Dave Meyerink



"ABSOLUTELY satisfied. Very fast with replying, and Paul saved me HOURS of mindless weekend typing. Thank you."

Charlotte Walley

Weber & Company



"The timesheet generator works a treat, they seem to get better with each one."

Cassandra Baker, Thorn Baker








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